My name is Guy Hardin, creator and owner of Down Easy Salsa.

I started making salsa because I love salsa and, in my perhaps-not-so-humble-salsa-loving-opinion, there was nothing available on the market worth eating…

I would love to say that I created a recipe from the word go, and the rest is history…alas, that is not the case. I have been tinkering and toying with salsa variations for over 30 years, it wasn’t until the middle of 2020 that I came up with the deliciousness that IS Down Easy Salsa!

My first flavor profile I named “Just for Jan”, for my most dearly beloved wife (I name all my salsa’s). She prefers mild salsa, although she continues to tell me that my Mild, isn’t really a mild…

But that is how I roll; I am a man that loves bold flavors and spice in my salsa. If you are looking for a salsa that is bold and, in your face, then please try one or all of our 4 Down Easy Salsa flavors:

All 4 of my flavor profiles give you flavor first and the heat after. Chip after chip after chip!